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Issue Management Resolution System (IMRS)

The IRS Communications and Stakeholder Outreach function has established the Issue Management Resolution System, a streamlined and structured process that facilitates stakeholder issue identification, resolution and feedback.

IMRS captures, develops and responds to significant national and local stakeholder issues. When stakeholder organizations notify the IRS of concerns about IRS policies, practices and procedures, analysts research and respond to the issues.

IMRS also identifies nationwide trends in the reporting, filing and paying requirements that may necessitate changes to IRS processes and procedures. Progress on stakeholder issues is closely monitored to assure proper response and communication to the initiating stakeholder and all impacted stakeholders.

Tax professionals should forward significant issues regarding IRS policies, practices and procedures to their Stakeholder Liaison (SL) Local Contacts.

IMRS Monthly Overview

The IMRS Monthly Overview contains an update of issues opened and closed each month.


IMRS Closed Issues

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