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News Releases and Fact Sheets on Political Campaign Activities

Political campaign activities of section 501(c)(3) organizations are addressed in the following IRS news releases and fact sheets:

IR-2007-190 (Nov. 19, 2007): Reminding charities and churches of the political campaign activity ban.

IR-2006-87 (June 1, 2006):   Reminding charities to avoid political campaign activities during election season.

Fact Sheet 2006-17 (Feb. 2006): Explaining how the IRS interprets the federal tax law provisions on political campaign intervention by section 501(c)(3) organizations; the fact sheet provides 21 examples of possible campaign intervention and explains how the law applies in each.

IR-2006-36 (Feb. 24, 2006) :  Announcing the release of a report on the IRS's examination of political campaign activity by tax-exempt organizations during the 2004 election campaign.

Fact Sheet 2004-14 (Oct. 2004): Explaining the rules regarding political campaign activities of section 501(c)(3) organizations.

IR-2004-79 (June 10, 2004): IRS issues a letter to national political parties reissuing guidance regarding political campaign activities by tax-exempt organizations, including churches.

IR-2004-59 (Apr. 28, 2004): Warning charities that they may not engage in political campaign activities.

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