Abusive Tax Schemes - Criminal Investigation (CI)

Overview - Abusive Tax Schemes
Since the mid-1990s, the IRS has witnessed a proliferation of abusive tax schemes, particularly those with offshore components. 

What are some of the Most Common Abusive Tax Schemes?
The most common abusive tax schemes involve numerous domestic and foreign trusts, partnerships, or nominees.

How Does the Taxpayer Access the Funds in Offshore Accounts? - Abusive Tax Schemes
There are two methods commonly used to get funds back to the taxpayers. They are through credit/debit cards and fraudulent loans. 

In Partnership - IRS Criminal and Civil Enforcement and Department of Justice - Abusive Tax Schemes
Parallel civil and criminal investigations are an effective and aggressive approach that halts these schemes quickly and permanently.

Civil and Criminal Penalties - Abusive Tax Schemes
Investors of abusive tax schemes that improperly evade tax are still liable for taxes, interest, and civil penalties.

Statistical Data - Abusive Tax Schemes
Enforcement statistics on investigations initiated, prosecutions recommended, indictments, sentenced, and months to serve in prison.

Examples of Abusive Tax Schemes
Examples have been written from public record documents filed in the district courts where the case was prosecuted.

How to Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activities