IRS Criminal Investigation National Press Releases - January 2017

Release Date  Release Title
January 4, 2017 Arkansas State Representative Pleads Guilty to Bribe Conspiracy
January 5, 2017 Utah Businessman Indicted for Tax Evasion
January 10, 2017 Two Businessmen Plead Guilty to Foreign Bribery Charges in Connection with Venezuela Bribery Schemes
January 11, 2017 Montana Couple Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Defraud the United States
January 12, 2017 Home Health Agency Administrator Pleads Guilty in $7.8 Million Medicaid Fraud
January 17, 2017 Wife of Pulse Nightclub Shooter Charged With Aiding and Abetting Her Husband and Obstruction of Justice
January 17, 2017 Congressional Staffer Sentenced to Prison for Failure to File Income Tax Returns
January 17, 2017 Illinois Business Owner Sentenced to Prison for Stealing Identities to File False Tax Returns
January 18, 2017 Southern California Residents Plead Guilty to Hiding Millions of Dollars in Secret Foreign Bank Accounts
January 19, 2017 Western Union Admits Anti-Money Laundering and Consumer Fraud Violations, Forfeits $586 Million in Settlement with Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission
January 23, 2017 Owner of Tax Preparation Franchises in Illinois, Kansas and Missouri Sentenced to Prison for Tax Evasion
January 23, 2017 Pennsylvania Man Pleads Guilty in False Tax Refund Scheme
January 24, 2017 Former New York Return Preparer Pleads Guilty to Aiding and Assisting in the Preparation of False Tax Returns
January 24, 2017 Illinois Woman Pleads Guilty in Stolen Identity Tax Fraud Scheme
January 24, 2017 California Man Convicted for Stealing Prisoner Identities and Filing Fraudulent Tax Returns
January 26, 2017 West Virginia Business Owners Sentenced to Prison for Failing to Pay Employment Taxes
January 27, 2017 Three Individuals Plead Guilty in $55 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme at Two Brooklyn Medical Clinics
January 30, 2017 Ohio Doctor Pleads Guilty to Running South Side Medical Center as Drug Premises and Evading More Than $3.5 Million in Taxes
January 31, 2017 California Man Pleads Guilty to Illegally Importing Chinese Cigarettes
January 31, 2017 Georgia Tax Return Preparer Sentenced to Prison for Filing Fraudulent Returns

Criminal Investigation Press Releases - Fiscal Year 2017

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