Tucson business owner pleads guilty to filing a false tax return


Date: April 15, 2021

Contact: newsroom@ci.irs.gov

TUCSON, AZ — On April 9, 2021, Lynda Jean Zimmermann, pleaded guilty to one count of filing a false tax return. As part of her plea agreement, Zimmermann also agreed to pay $1,088,649.22 to the Internal Revenue Service prior to sentencing which is scheduled for June 21, 2021.

In her plea agreement, Zimmermann admitted that during 2014, she and her husband, Christoph Zimmermann, were the co-owners of WXLINE, LLC, an Arizona Corporation operating in Tucson, Arizona. Her husband founded the company and ran the day to day operations. WXLINE, LLC provided lightning detection and warning equipment to protect people at golf courses, parks, and mines throughout the United States and in many parts of the world.

Lynda Zimmermann admitted she was responsible for keeping the financial records and submitting the information to their accountants who prepared the individual Form 1040 tax returns to be filed with the Internal Revenue Service. For her 2014 Form 1040, Zimmermann admitted she knowingly provided a gross receipts figure for WXLINE, LLC to her accountants that was significantly lower than the true number. She provided a total gross receipts figure of $1,322,680 when the actual number was approximately $2,405,276. This resulted in an underreporting of approximately $1,082,596 on the tax return.

"IRS:CI delivers justice to U.S. taxpayers by investigating dishonest individuals, especially business owners that purposely fail to report all their income," stated IRS - Criminal Investigation Special Agent in Charge Ismael Nevarez Jr.

IRS - Criminal Investigation conducted the investigation in this case. The United States Attorney's Office, District of Arizona, handled the prosecution.