7004 TY2018v 2.0 Release Memo


August 20, 2018

MeF 7004 Stakeholders:

We are providing Tax Year 2018 eXtensible Mark-up Language (XML) Schemas and Business Rules for the following forms that include new tax year form(s) and tax law changes.

Included in the 2018v2.0 Schema package are "DIFF" files which identify the difference between the 2018v1.0 Schema package and the 2018v2.0 Schema package. The XML standardization was applied and are available for program purposes. The Schemas and Business Rules will be used in ATS but not Production.

Form 7004 Schemas and Business Rules are now distributed through the Registered User Portal and your e-services mailbox.
This mailbox is part of the Secure Object Repository (SOR). Users will access their mailbox in their existing e-services account to pick up the schema and business rules packages.

Business Rules are posted in two different formats which contain identical information – Adobe (PDF) and a comma-separated file (CSV). A column within the file identifies changes made from the previous version.

If you have any questions about the Schemas or Business Rules, please send your inquiry to the MeF Mailbox.

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