IRS e-file Application Changes


We have enhanced the e-file application to reduce burden for applicants and reflect recent changes to participation policies.

  • CPAs and attorneys must enter their state of license, license number and expiration date when submitting or revising their e-file applications. We will only request written proof of professional status if we are unable to verify the information provided.
  • Officers of Publicly Owned Corporations and Bank Officials no longer need to provide evidence of professional status or fingerprint cards unless requested.
  • We revised the suitability questions and added a question regarding incarceration. Each Principal and Responsible Official must now sign the e-file application.
  • Firms and individuals denied or suspended from e-file prior to November 1, 2011, due to a suitability issue(s) may reapply. Firms and individuals denied or suspended after that date may reapply as soon as they have resolved their outstanding suitability issue(s). If assistance is needed in reapplying, contact e-help at 866-255-0654 (512-416-7750 if outside the United States and Territories).
  • We changed the minimum age from 21 to 18 for individuals listed as a Principal or Responsible Official on the IRS e-file Application