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Notifying the IRS of Changes to IRS e-file Application

If a Provider is unable to update its IRS e-file Application electronically a Principal or Responsible Official may either use the firm’s official letterhead or call e-help at 1-866-255-0654 to notify the IRS of changes to the below information:

  •   All addresses
  •   All telephone and fax numbers
  •   e-mail addresses
  •   Contact persons
  •   Form types to be e-filed
  •   Transmission protocols
  •   Adding Federal/State e-file
  •   Changes to Foreign Filer information
  •   Add or remove Provider Options

When Providers that are only Software Developers add a Provider Option, they have to submit the application but can continue participation as Software Developers. 

Exceptions -

Changes that require a firm to acquire a new Employer Identification Number (EIN) require a Provider to submit a new IRS e-file Application. Firms that change their form of organization, such as from a sole proprietorship to a corporation, generally require the firm to acquire a new EIN.

The letters must include sufficient information for the IRS to identify the application the Provider is revising. Be sure to include the appropriate EFIN and/or ETIN that applies, as well as a firm name, firm EIN or Social Security Number (SSN) and doing business as name. If the firm is controlled or owned by another Provider, the name, business address and EFIN and ETIN (if applicable) of the controlling Provider must be included. A Principal or the Responsible Official of the firm must sign the letter. Providers can make most of the same changes by telephone. A Principal or the Responsible Official of the firm must sign the letter or call the IRS. The caller will have to provide identifying information.

Providers that sell, transfer, or otherwise discontinue an IRS e-file business must notify the IRS within 30 days. The easiest way to notify the IRS is to use the “Close Office” feature on IRS e-file Application on the IRS Web site. If notifying by letter, be sure to include enough information to identify the correct business location. Providers may not sell or transfer EFINs, other identification numbers,or passwords when selling, transferring or otherwise discontinuing an IRS e-file business.


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