TY2016 Exempt Organizations MeF Assurance Testing System (ATS) Test Scenarios

The Tax Year 2016 Modernized e-File (MeF) Assurance Testing System (ATS) test scenarios for Exempt Organizations returns are listed in the table below. Please see the MeF ATS page for the complete list of test scenarios for all forms supported by MeF.

ATS Known Issues and Solutions: Issues identified with the test scenarios are listed on the TY2016 ATS Known Issues and Solutions document for the Form 990 family. 

MeF ATS Test Scenarios for Exempt Organizations Returns
Form Type Tax Year Comments
990 2016


990-EZ 2016


990-PF 2016

10-28-2016: Scenario 1 updated. 

990-N 2016  
1120-POL 2016


8868 2016 10-11-2016: Scenarios 1 and 2 updated.




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