Domestic and International Programs



The Domestic and International Index (.pdf) lists all Appeals domestic and international related issues, including contact information, as follows:

  • ACI - Appeals Coordinated Issues
  • ACIcc - Appeals Coordinated Issues, Category of Case
  • DCI - Decoordinated Issue (Decoordinated in Appeals information available)
  • EM - Appeals Emerging Issues
  • LT - Listed Transactions
  • SME - Subject Matter Expert
  • UIL - Uniform Issue List

The Domestic and International Index is an alphabetical listing of all issues and should be referred to for all current contact information. It is searchable, using Acrobat Search.

ACI or ACIcc - An issue or category of case, is an issue of IRS-wide impact or importance requiring coordination with Appeals to ensure uniformity and consistency nationwide. This is achieved through the coordination of efforts between Appeals Officers (AO) and designated Technical Specialists (TS). The ACI program encompasses legal issues and factual issues and category of case.

An AO assigned a case with an ACI must consult with the TS prior to the scheduling of the initial conference to obtain current information. For ACIs, except those designated an ACIcc, the AO must get review and concurrence from the TS prior to discussing the settlement with the taxpayer.  Such review and concurrence extends to all aspects of the settlement including closing documents.

EM – An Appeals Emerging Issue is an issue that surfaced in an industry or specialty area in a number of Appeals cases or it is understood cases will be coming to Appeals in the near future with the issue.  The AO assigned a case with an emerging issue is required to contact the designated TS (before holding the initial conference) to gain insight into both the industry or specialty area and the issue. He/she is required to maintain contact with the coordinator. Review and concurrence is not required until such time as an issue may be redesignated a CCI or ACI.

Appeals Settlement Guidelines (ASG)
NOTE: Since specialists may have changed since the finalized ASG was approved, it is recommended that you refer to the Domestic and International Index (.pdf) for contact information.