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Office of Transportation and Machinery
The mission of the Office of Transportation and Machinery is to facilitate and expand global business opportunities for U.S. aerospace, automotive, and machinery manufacturers. OTM achieves its objectives through a variety of programs, ranging from market access and other trade policy initiatives, market analysis, and business counseling, to selective export promotion initiatives. 

Bureau of Labor Statistics
The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics.

General Resources

Census Nonemployer Statistics
To provide periodic statistics that count and profile U.S. businesses with no paid employment and payroll. The United States Code, Titles 13 and 26, authorizes this program.

Office of Women's Business Ownership
Women-owned businesses are increasing in number, range, diversity and earning power. As women business owners expand their companies, they add increasingly to our national economy.

Characteristics of Business Owners Survey
The 1992 Characteristics of Business Owners (CBO) Survey provides the only national data available for comparing selected economic, demographic, and sociological characteristics among minority, women, nonminority male, and all business owners and their businesses.

Statistics about Business Size (including Small Business) from the U.S. Census Bureau
The Census Bureau does not define small or large business, but provides statistics that allow users to define business categories in any of several ways: in terms of employers and nonemployers, employment size of firms, employment size of establishments, receipts size of firms, and legal form of organizations.

Surveys of Minority - and Women-Owned Business EnterprisesPDF
These surveys provide valuable economic data on business owners' race, ethnicity, and gender, and are part of the economic census program, which the Census Bureau is required to conduct every 5 years by law (Title 13 of the United States Code). The Census Bureau combines data from these surveys with data from the other economic censuses and presents them in the Survey of Minority-Owned Business Enterprises and the Survey of Women-Owned Business Enterprises publication series.