Statement of Nina E. Olson, National Taxpayer Advocate, Regarding IRS News Release 2006-24


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I am very pleased with the steps Commissioner Everson has announced to improve taxpayer rights protections in the Questionable Refund Program.  The IRS has worked closely with my office to devise procedures that strike the proper balance between combating suspected tax fraud and protecting taxpayer rights, particularly the rights of honest taxpayers whose refunds are frozen in error.
Among the key QRP improvements, the IRS will provide notice to taxpayers at the time it freezes refunds and give them an opportunity to present evidence showing that they are entitled to the refunds, study the results of past cases to refine fraud-screening methods so that fewer honest taxpayers have their refunds frozen in error, and move expeditiously to notify all taxpayers whose refunds were frozen in the past or release the frozen refunds.
I am pleased that the IRS has committed to implementing these changes as quickly as possible.