Schedules Related to Form 1120-S

Schedule B-1 (Form 1120-S), Information for Certain Shareholders of an S Corporation (PDF)
S corporations use this schedule to provide information applicable to any shareholder in the S corporation that was a disregarded entity, a trust, an estate, or a nominee or similar person at any time during the tax year.

Schedule D (Form 1120-S), Capital Gains and Losses and Built-In Gains
Corporations that elect to be S corporations use this schedule to report capital gains and losses, sales or exchanges of capital assets, and gains on distributions to shareholders of appreciated capital assets.

Schedule K-1 (Form 1120-S), Shareholder's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, Etc.
S corporations use this schedule to report to each person who was a shareholder at any time during the S corporation's tax year (and to the IRS).

Schedule M-3 (Form 1120-S), Net Income (Loss) Reconciliation for S Corporations With Total Assets of$10 Million or More
Part I of this schedule asks certain questions about the corporation's financial statements and reconciles financial statement worldwide net income (loss) for the corporation to income (loss) per the income statement of the corporation for U.S. income tax purposes. Parts II and III reconcile financial statement net income (loss) for the U.S. tax return to total income (loss) on Form 1120-S, Schedule K.

Schedule N (Form 1120), Foreign Operations of U.S. Corporations
Corporations may have to file this schedule if, at any time during the tax year, they had assets in or operated a business in a foreign country or a U.S. possession.