About Form 4419, Application for Filing Information Returns Electronically (FIRE)


Submit paper Form 4419 to revise current Transmitter Control Code (TCC) information or to request an additional TCC for a form type listed in Box 8.  

Current Revision

Recent Developments

Form 4419 is mandated to be electronically filed when requesting an original TCC (first-time application). Submit an online Fill-in Form 4419 located within the FIRE System at https://fire.irs.gov/

Submit a paper Form 4419 (Rev. 5-2020) when you have an existing Transmitter Control Code (TCC) to:

  • Revise current TCC information
  • Request an additional TCC for a form type listed on Form 4419 Block 8

Due Date: Submit Form 4419 by November 1 of the year before information return(s) are due to ensure you are ready to electronically file. Form 4419 received after November 1 may not be processed in time to meet your electronic filing needs. Allow 45 days for processing.

TCC Security Updates (Coming Soon)

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