Other Items Related to Form 4626

Form 4684, Casualties and Thefts
Attach this form to your tax return to report gains and losses from casualties and thefts.

Form 4797, Sales of Business Property
Use this form to report the sale or exchange of property, the involuntary conversion of property, the disposition of noncapital assets, the disposition of capital assets, gain or loss for partners and S corporation shareholders and the computation of recapture amounts under sections 179 and 280F(b)(2).

Form 4970, Tax on Accumulation Distribution of Trusts
A beneficiary of certain domestic trusts uses this form to figure the partial tax on accumulation distributions under section 667.

Form 5735, American Samoa Economic Development Credit
A domestic corporation uses this form to figure the American Samoa economic development credit under section 30A.

Form 8611, Recapture of Low-Income Housing Credit
Use this form if you must recapture part of the low-income housing credit you claimed in previous years because the qualified basis decreased from one year to the next or you disposed of a building, or your interest therein, and you did not follow the procedures that would have prevented recapture of the credit.

Form 8810, Corporate Passive Activity Loss and Credit Limitations
Personal service corporations and closely held corporations use this form to figure the amount of any passive activity loss (PAL) or credit for the current tax year and the amount of losses and credits from passive activities allowed on the corporation's tax return.It is also used to make the election to increase the basis of credit property when the corporation disposes of its interest in an activity for which it has an unused credit.

Form 8827, Credit for Prior Year Minimum Tax—Corporations
Corporations use this form to figure the minimum tax credit, if any, for alternative minimum tax (AMT) incurred in prior tax years and to figure any minimum tax credit carryforward.

Form 8864, Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel Fuels Credit
Use this form to figure your biodiesel and renewable diesel fuels credit.

Form 8903, Domestic Production Activities Deduction
Use this form to figure your domestic production activities deduction (DPAD).

Form 8912, Credit to Holders of Tax Credit Bonds
Use this form to claim the credit for the following tax credit bonds: clean renewable energy bond (CREB), new clean renewable energy bond (NCREB), qualified energy conservation bond (QECB), qualified zone academy bond (QZAB), qualified school construction bond (QSCB), and build America bond (BAB).