Schedules for Form 8849


About Schedule 1 (Form 8849), Nontaxable Use of Fuels
An ultimate purchaser of gasoline, gasohol, aviation gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, aviation fuel (other than gasoline), and liquefied gas (LPG) uses this schedule to make a claim for refund.

About Schedule 2 (Form 8849), Sales by Registered Ultimate Vendors
A registered ultimate vendor of un-dyed diesel fuel, un-dyed kerosene, kerosene sold for use in aviation, gasoline, or aviation gasoline uses this schedule to make a claim for refund.

About Schedule 5 (Form 8849), Section 4081(e) Claims
A person who has paid and reported a section 4081 tax to the government on taxable fuel uses this schedule to claim a refund of that tax if a prior section 4081 tax on that fuel has also been paid and reported to the government.

About Schedule 6 (Form 8849), Other Claims
Use this schedule for claims not reportable on Schedules 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8, including refunds of excise taxes.

About Schedule 8 (Form 8849), Registered Credit Card Issuers
Registered credit card issuers use this schedule to make a claim for refund or payment of tax paid on certain sales of taxable fuel (diesel fuel, kerosene, and gasoline) to state and local governments and certain sales of gasoline to nonprofit educational organizations.