Additional Forms Related to Form 990-EZ

Form 941, Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return
Employers who withhold income taxes from wages or who must pay social security or Medicare tax, use Form 941 to report those taxes.

Form 990-BL, Information and Initial Excise Tax Return for Black Lung Benefit Trusts and Certain Related Persons
Form 990-BL is generally used by black lung benefit trusts to meet the reporting requirements of Internal Revenue Code section 6033.

Form 990-PF, Return of Private Foundation
This form is used to figure the tax based on investment income, and to report charitable distributions and activities.

Form 990-T, Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return
Exempt organizations use to this form to report unrelated business income, figure and report unrelated business income tax liability, report proxy tax liability, claim a refund of income tax paid by a regulated investment company (RIC) or a real estate investment trust (REIT), on undistributed long-term capital gain, request a credit for certain federal excise taxes paid or for small employer health insurance premiums paid, and report unrelated business income tax on reinsurance entities.

Form 1065, U.S. Return of Partnership Income
Partnerships file an information return to report their income, gains, losses, deductions, credits, etc., from the operation of a partnership. A partnership does not pay tax on its income but “passes through” any profits or losses to its partners.

Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income
Use this form to report rents, royalties, prizes and awards and other fixed determinable income.

Form 1120-POL, U.S. Income Tax Return for Certain Political Organizations
Political organizations and certain exempt organizations file this form to report their political organization taxable income and income tax liability section 527.

Form 8822, Change of Address
Use this form to notify the Internal Revenue Service of a change to your home mailing address.

Form 8868, Application for Extension of Time To File an Exempt Organization Return
An exempt organization files this form to request an automatic 6-month extension of time to file its return.

Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement
Every employer engaged in a trade or business who pays remuneration for services performed by an employee must file a Form W-2 for each employee from whom income, social security, or Medicare tax was withheld; or income tax would have been withheld if the employee had claimed no more than one withholding allowance or had not claimed exemption from withholding on Form W-4.