Additional Publications Related to Publication 15


Publication 517 covers the collection of social security and Medicare taxes from members of the clergy and religious workers, including how members of the clergy can apply for exemption from self-employment tax. This publication contains information for ministers, members of a religious order, Christian Science practitioners and readers, religious workers (church employees) and members of a recognized religious sect.

Information about Publication 519, U.S. Tax Guide for Aliens, including recent updates. Publication 519 is used to help to determine an individual's status (Nonresident Alien or Resident Alien), and gives information needed to file returns.

Publication 542 discusses the general tax laws that apply to ordinary domestic corporations.

Information about Publication 583, Starting a Business and Keeping Records, including recent updates and related forms. Publication 583 provides basic federal tax information for people who are starting a business. It also provides information on keeping records and shows a recordkeeping system.

Publication 970 explains tax provisions for persons saving for or paying education costs for themselves or family members. It covers various types of educational assistance, tax credits, and nine other types of tax benefits. This publication explains tax benefits that may be available to you if you are saving for or paying education costs for yourself or, in many cases, another student who is a member of your immediate family.

Publication 976 describes the tax benefits available to filers as a result of Hurricane Harvey and Tropical Storm Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, and the California wildfires.

Information about Publication 1244, Employee's Daily Record of Tips and Report to Employer, including recent updates. Publication 1244 is a pamphlet offering an employee pages for keeping a daily record of his/her tips received, and forms for reporting for total tips to his/her employer.