37. Premium Tax Credit (PTC)/Crédito Tributario de Prima de Seguro Médico

Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement
Health Insurance Marketplaces furnish this form to IRS to report certain information about individuals who enroll in a qualified health plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace and individuals to allow them to take the premium tax credit, to reconcile the credit on their returns with advance payments of the premium tax credit (advance credit payments), and to file an accurate tax return.

Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit (PTC)
Use this form to figure the amount of your premium tax credit (PTC) and reconcile it with any advance payments of the premium tax credit (APTC).

Publication 974, Premium Tax Credit (PTC)
This publication covers: what the premium tax credit (PTC) is, who must file Form 8962, who can take the PTC and additional information to help you determine if your health care coverage is minimum essential coverage.