Correction to Form 8834, Qualified Electric Vehicle Credit, (Rev. October 2018) – 28-JAN-2018

If you viewed or downloaded Form 8834 (Rev. October 2018) before January 24, 2019, please note the following.

On page 2, the instructions for line 3b, Form 1040, should read:

Enter the total of any credits on Form 1040, line 12a, and Schedule 3 (Form 1040), lines 49 through 54 (not including any alternative fuel vehicle refueling properly credit (personal use part) from line 19* of Form 8911, any general business credit from Form 3800, any credit for prior year minimum tax from Form 8801, or any credit to holders of tax credit bonds from Form 8912).

The corrected version of Form 8834 is available for download.