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Local Information Sharing

The Municipal Agency Partnering Program (MAPP), one of Governmental Liaison’s (GL's) partnering components, expands GL’s mission of governmental partnering and data sharing by engaging municipal agencies.

MAPP assists local governments in providing service to taxpayers, and supports programs that promote effective tax administration. Fourteen municipalities currently qualify to receive federal tax information. 

MAPP has identified five types of agencies which provide the most potential for establishing new initiatives with the IRS:

  • Tax/revenue/finance departments
  • Assessors/property tax collectors
  • Controller’s offices
  • Vendor/contractor regulatory agencies
  • Business licensing agencies

MAPP Programs

Some prominent MAPP projects include:

  • Gift tax project with county recorders – to obtain local real estate conveyance records for SB/SE Estate and Gift Tax to identify Form 709 non-filers
  • Municipal Income Tax Levy Program – to establish an automated levy program for municipal income tax refunds
  • State Audit Report Program – to make federal income tax adjustments based on audit reports received from local agencies
  • Municipal vendor levy project – to verify that municipal government contractors are filing and paying federal taxes
  • Exempt organization issues – to get information on tax-exempt organizations engaging in questionable/abusive or prohibited activities

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