Endorsement Disclaimer - Pop-Up Advertisements

When visiting the IRS.gov site, your web browser may generate a “pop-up” window. There are three types of pop-up windows that you may see on IRS.gov:

  1. Small pop-up windows that are displayed after you click on a link. These pop-ups are generated by the IRS.gov website, and they will provide you with additional information related to a particular piece of information that you may be viewing. In addition, they may provide you with assistance at specific points within an application. These types of pop-ups are provided as helpful enhancements to IRS.gov applications and are sanctioned by the IRS.
  2. A pop-up window that contains an IRS-sponsored online survey.  Pop-up surveys may appear on IRS.gov on a totally random basis.  For example, we continually conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey on IRS.gov that is administered by ForeSee Results on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service.  You may choose to either complete or ignore IRS-sponsored surveys.  However, the IRS truly values your input, and your opinions will help the IRS provide the types of information and services that you need and want.
  3. Advertisement pop-up windows that suddenly appear on your monitor while browsing IRS.gov.  Advertisement “pop-ups” were most likely produced by third-party software (adware or spyware) that was previously installed on your computer.  Most individuals do not know that their computers have been infected with this type of software and have no idea what it is doing.  The Internal Revenue Service does not employ any auto-generated pop-up advertisements on IRS.gov, and auto-generated pop-up advertisements are not sanctioned by the IRS.  In addition, the IRS does not use pop-up windows to solicit personal information such as credit card numbers, bank account information, or Social Security numbers.  Should you get pop-up advertisements when navigating IRS.gov, there is easily available software that you can download from the Internet, including adware or spyware detection programs, to remove pop-ups from your computer.