Retirement: Pensions, IRAs, Social Security


Are My Social Security or Railroad Retirement Tier I Benefits Taxable?

Determine if your social security or railroad retirement tier I benefits (and those of your spouse if you're married filing a joint tax return) are taxable.

Is My Pension or Annuity Payment Taxable?

Determine if your pension or annuity payment from an employer-sponsored retirement plan or nonqualified annuity is taxable.

Do I Need to Report the Transfer or Rollover of an IRA or Retirement Plan on My Tax Return?

Determine if you should report on your tax return assets (cash or property) moved from one IRA or retirement account to another.

Is the Distribution From My Roth Account Taxable?

Determine if your distribution from a Roth IRA or designated Roth account is taxable.

Is the Distribution From My Traditional, SEP or SIMPLE IRA Taxable?

Determine if your distribution from a traditional, SEP or SIMPLE IRA is taxable.

Do I Meet an Exception to the Additional Tax on Early Distributions From IRAs or Retirement Plans?

Determine if you meet an exception or are subject to the additional tax on a distribution from your IRA or retirement plan.