Secure Messaging

The IRS is pleased to provide a new, secure way for you to communicate online with us concerning a bond examination. The program will enable you to:

  • Correspond with the examination agent through your web browser at your convenience.
  • Electronically submit requested documentation quickly and securely, allowing us to resolve issues faster than ever.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for calling or waiting days for mail delivery.

Access Secure Messaging

Additional information for taxpayers and representatives

Who can use Secure Messaging?

Issuers, authorized conduit borrowers, and authorized representatives invited by the IRS will be able to use Secure Messaging.

How Secure Messaging works

IRS Secure Messaging is similar to web-based email services such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Messages can be securely sent to you by IRS representatives and you may respond and include document attachments pertaining to the examination.

The IRS will save all messages as a digital record of your communications with us. You'll be notified when you have a Secure Message waiting for you via a notification email and/or SMS text message to the mobile phone number provided during registration.
The notification will include a link to your Secure Messaging center. In order to protect your privacy and reduce the potential for identity theft, we will not include taxpayer identifying information within the notification email.

Creating an account

If you’ve been invited to use Secure Messaging, you should have received a Publication 5295, TEGE Taxpayer Digital Communication Marketing, along with your TEB examination letter. If you were invited and would like to participate:

  • Contact the TEB agent in your examination letter to obtain a consent form to participate in Secure Messaging
  • Fill out the consent form and return to the TEB agent
  • You’ll receive an automated email with the login name and a link to register
  • Login to Secure Messaging

Alternatives to Secure Messaging

If you were not able to create a Secure Messaging account, but have an action due to the IRS, follow the instructions provided to you in your original examination notice.