Updating Return Type Information to Avoid Rejects


Tax returns filed electronically are matched against certain data on file, such as type of form. If, for example, IRS data shows that a taxpayer files Form 1120-L, but in fact the taxpayer files Form 1120, the system will identify the mismatch and reject the return, resulting in a reject notification to the taxpayer.

Taxpayers who experienced such a reject in a prior tax year should submit a request as explained below to fix the mismatch.  It is recommended you submit these requests at least 45 days prior to the e-filing of your tax return. (Note that a change in filing from Form 1120 to 1120S must be requested in advance using Form 2553. See Filing Requirements for Filing Status Change.

The request should be written and include the following:

Entity Name
EIN and Tax Year
Phone Number
Contact Name

When I attempted to e-file my return it was rejected because of a filing requirement mismatch.

Please update my filing requirements so that I can file a Form ___________.

(Request must be signed by a corporate officer and dated.)

Mail your written request to:

Ogden IRS
Attn: M.S. 6273
Ogden, Utah 84201

Or Fax your written request to: 855-214-7520