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Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) Assistant for Individuals


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The IRS plans to retire the AMT Assistant after the close of the 2017 filing season. The same calculations and determinations gathered from this tool can be made using the worksheet for line 45 in the Form 1040 Instructions (PDF). The worksheet will be retained even if we retire this tool.

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Individuals who claim certain tax benefits may owe Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). Some taxpayers must complete Form 6251, Alternative Minimum Tax even though they do not owe AMT. This tool is designed to tell you whether you need to complete Form 6251 but it will not figure the amount of AMT you owe, if any.

The easiest way to figure your AMT is to use tax return preparation software (including Free File) which will automatically calculate your tax, including any AMT. If you use tax return preparation software to prepare your taxes (even if you decide to file on paper instead of electronically), you may bypass this tool.

If you prepare and file your taxes using paper and pencil/pen, you may bypass this tool and instead complete the worksheet for line 45 in the Form 1040 Instructions (PDF). That worksheet, available each year in your instructions, will give you the same result as this tool.

AMT Assistant

Prior Years Still Available

Your entries in the AMT Assistant application are anonymous and the information will be used only to determine whether you need to complete Form 6251. All entries are erased when you exit or start over. See the IRS Privacy Policy for more information. 

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