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If an IRS person is currently assigned to your case, then mediation might be an available option. If you’re not sure whether the IRS person assigned to your case is an auditor, collection officer, or from the IRS Office of Appeals, review this table:

IF Title of IRS Contact Person is... AND Key Words Found in Letter are... THEN IRS Person is...

• Revenue Agent

• Tax Compliance Officer

• Examination

• Unreported income

• Proposed adjustment

• Explanation of Changes

An IRS Auditor

• Revenue Officer

• Unpaid tax

• Balance due

• Seize

• Levy

• Lien

• Collect

An IRS Collection Officer

• Appeals Officer

• Settlement Officer

• Hearing

• Conference

• Determination

• Sustain

The IRS Office of Appeals

If you received a letter(s) from IRS but no individual IRS person’s name is listed as the person to contact in the upper right portion of the first page of the letter, then mediation is not an option and you need to follow the instructions in the letter.

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