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FAST TRACK SETTLEMENT may be an option for you. FTS offers an opportunity to resolve tax disputes at the earliest possible stage in the audit process. With FTS, a trained mediator from the IRS Office of Appeals facilitates settlement discussions between you and the IRS.

In addition to using mediation techniques to facilitate settlement discussions, the Appeals mediator may offer settlement proposals. You retain full control over every decision you make during the FTS process. No one can impose a decision on either you or the IRS.

Read the General Mediation Information page if you want to learn more about how mediation works and the role of the Appeals mediator..

If you resolve your case through FTS, you spend substantially less time in the IRS examination or collection process. The benefits of settlement over litigation include:

• Speed

• Cost

• Control

• Flexibility

• Reduced Risk


FTS does not eliminate or replace existing dispute resolution options, including your opportunity to request a hearing before Appeals or a conference with an IRS manager. If you cannot reach an agreement through FTS, you still retain all otherwise applicable appeal rights.

You should consider what might happen if your case is not settled. Ask yourself:

  • Am I prepared for what could be a lengthy appeal?
  • What is my risk that litigation would be unsuccessful, and what would the consequences be?

I am ready to find out more about how FTS might help resolve my dispute with IRS:

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