Employers Helping Employees


Who do you serve?

If you're looking for activities or helpful information to offer your own employees, look no further! As an employer, you are a trusted source of information for your employees and a strong voice for community involvement. You can help them get the tax benefits they deserve.

How can you participate?  

Using products available on this site, you can let your employees know about the EITC or point them to free tax assistance in their area. Providing information to the people who staff your offices can take various forms and may include:

  • Placing stuffers in employee paychecks or other mailings to let them know about locations for free tax help or tax credits that can reduce the taxes they may owe
  • Sponsoring a free tax help site on your company property, for quick and convenient access by your employees
  • Recruiting employees to serve as volunteers for community tax assistance sites; allowing them to take training or volunteer on the clock

To discuss partnering opportunities send an email to partner@irs.gov , and let us know how we can help you get started.

We are Glad To Help!

We will help you get started, so please take a minute to peruse our Partner Products and Volunteer Resource Center for products, web sites, and other materials that may be helpful in your partnership with IRS.