New York State Residents: Excluded Workers Fund Payments


The IRS will assist eligible NY residents who are also ITIN applicants meet requirements for the New York State's Excluded Worker's Fund (EWF) payments. EWF provides income replacement checks to workers excluded from unemployment insurance most often due to immigration status. To qualify for the maximum amount from the EWF, applicants must provide a valid ITIN. Individuals who have already received their ITIN may present their IRS notice containing their valid ITIN to meet this requirement.

The IRS is currently working through its inventory of ITIN applications. However, to help New York residents qualify for EWF funds, 14 designated IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC) in the state are open to help by providing ITIN document authentication services. Taxpayers who don't already have an ITIN assigned can schedule an appointment to visit a TAC to apply for one and receive a stamped copy of their application to submit for their EWF payment.  Taxpayers who have previously submitted an application, but not yet received their ITIN can schedule an appointment to bring a copy of their application to a TAC. IRS will stamp their copy as received for their EWF application.

These offices are authorized to review 11 of the 13 identification documents for the primary and secondary applicants. Each document must be current and contain an expiration date. IRS will accept documents issued within 12 months of the application if no expiration date is normally available. Documents must show your name, a photograph and support your claim of identity and foreign status. TAC employees cannot review school or medical records.

All applicants must appear in person. For dependent applicants, TAC employees can review passports, birth certificates and national ID ONLY to authenticate the ID as acceptable. See the attachment for specific locations.

Once the documentation authentication process is complete, the TAC employees will date stamp applicant's Form W-7 applications and provide a copy of it and the first page of any applicable federal tax return. This is acceptable proof for meeting an EWF Tier 1 eligibility requirement.

To ensure the safety of the public and IRS employees, taxpayers seeking in-person assistance at a TAC will need to call 844-545-5640 to make an appointment. Please observe any COVID-related protocols that may be in effect.