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Who do you serve?

If you are a school, college, university, or another type of educational institution, you are already familiar with student needs. You may be providing supplies, scholarships, or even intern opportunities to schools in your geographical area.

How can you participate?

By joining an IRS coalition in your area, you can sponsor and support students as volunteers for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program. College and high school students frequently have excellent computer skills, so electronic preparation and filing of tax returns is a good match. Your organization may have computer equipment, site publicity, supplies, or countless other assets to assist student volunteer efforts.

If your organization works with or supports foreign students attending school in the United States on a visa, you may have an opportunity to help this population fulfill its federal tax filing obligation.

Or if you want a taxes lesson to supplement other classes you are already teaching, check out the Understanding Taxes Program.


The possibilities of partnering are endless and the effects are boundless. The power of coalitions is a driving force nationwide.  If the mission of your organization coincides with that of IRS, why not consider becoming a partner?

To discuss partnering opportunities send an email to , and let us know how we can help you get started. 

We are Glad To Help!

We will help you get started, so please take a minute to peruse our  Partner Products and Volunteer Resource Center for products, web sites, and other materials that may be helpful in your partnership with IRS.


Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 26-May-2016