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IRS Online Services Identity Verification

What You Need to Verify Your Identity

IRS online services include several applications that you can access with your same username and password.  For example, your username and password will be the same across any of these applications: Get Transcript Online, View Your Tax Account, Get an Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN), e-Services, Online Payment Agreement and ePostcard.

For more information, please review Secure Access: How to Register for Certain Online Self-Help Tools.

Which Address Should I Use?

You should enter the address that you used on your most recently filed tax return.

What if I moved recently?

Use the address that you used on your most recently filed tax return, even if you've moved since you last filed or you no longer have a PO Box. We only use this address for identity verification.

What if I just filed my tax return with my new address?

If the system doesn't match on the new address you entered, try using your old address instead. Newly submitted returns may take several weeks to process.

How to Format Your Mailing Address

What if I have a PO Box Address?

If you used a PO Box address to file your most recent tax return, enter your PO Box number on 'Address Line 1' without any periods. Enter a PO Box address as shown in the example below:

Field Name Address Information
Address Line 1 PO Box 321
Country United States
City Fairfax
State/US Territory VA
Zip Code 22031

What if I have a Foreign Address?

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties when registering with an international address.  However, you may attempt to register with the address that matches your most recently filed tax return. Enter your city, county, province, or other jurisdiction in the 'City' field. There is no field provided for your zip/postal code. Enter a foreign address as shown in the example below:

Field Name Address Information
Address Line 1 1010 Eagle Dr
Address Line 2 (optional)
Country Canada
City Ottawa

What if I have a Military Address?

Use the address that matches your most recently filed tax return. Treat your military address like a domestic address. Enter APO, FPO or DPO in the city field and select AA, AE, or AP from the State/U.S. Territory drop down field. Enter a military address as shown in the example below:

Field Name Address Information
Address Line 1 CMR 408
Country United States
City APO
State/US Territory AE
Zip Code 96204


Reasons You May Fail Registration

Various conditions may prevent you from registering to access an IRS online service. We can’t identify the specific reason your attempt failed due to the secure nature of the authentication process. See the “Alternatives to Online Services” section below for other options. The most common reasons your registration may fail include:

  • Your personal information didn't match our records for your SSN and the latest tax return you filed.

Solution – If you recently filed a return, we may not have this information in our records yet so you could try entering data from your prior return. If you recently filed your first tax return, we suggest you select “non-filer” from the Filing Status dropdown option (if available) or refer to our Alternatives to Online Services below.   

  • The financial account number you entered didn’t match our check with Experian, a credit reporting company. You may also have tried to use a debit card, corporate card or American Express card, which we can’t accept.

Solution - You should wait 24 hours if you think you can provide the correct information. Be sure to verify the financial account number you used or choose another financial account type.

  • Your name wasn’t on the mobile phone account for the number you provided. This can occur when you are on a “family plan” and you aren’t the account holder or if you have a “pay as you go” plan.  

Solution – You can choose to receive an activation code by mail that will take up to 10 business days for delivery. This will delay your online access but allow you to create an account for future use. If you were trying to get a transcript and you filed a joint tax return, your spouse may attempt to register [assuming the phone account is in their name] and make the request instead.

  • You made too many attempts within a short time period.

Solution – We limit the number of authentication attempts you can make over a short time period. Be careful when entering your email code, phone text code, or other information and validate data first with your existing records. You should wait 24 hours if you think you can provide the correct information or refer to "Alternatives to Online Services" below.

Alternatives to Online Services

If you tried to use Get Transcript Online but failed registration or were unable to log in, visit transcript types and ways to order them to find another way to get the transcript you need.

If you tried to View Your Tax Account information but failed registration or were unable to log in, use Get Transcript by Mail to request an Account Transcript and view your payments for a specific tax year. For balance due information, refer to the section entitled "other ways to find out how much you owe" on View Your Account Balance and Payment History.

If you tried to register for the Online Payment Agreement tool, but failed registration or were unable to log in, you can still pay in installments.  Refer to the installment agreement alternatives for individuals and for businesses / authorized representative (Power of Attorney).  

If you tried to Get an IP PIN but failed registration or were unable to log in and you need an IP PIN to efile your return, visit Retrieve Your IP PIN for instructions to get it reissued. Refer to IP PIN FAQs if you never had an IP PIN or you’re not sure if you need one. 

If you tried to use Secure Messaging but failed registration or were unable to log in, please follow the instructions for corresponding with us included in the letter you received.

Phone Text Messaging Help

IRS Password Service:

IRS Password Service messages originate from "77958" and message and data rates may apply. We use mobile phone text messaging to help us verify your identity for certain online services. We send you an “activation code” to enter during registration and we send you a “security code" to enter every time you log in with your username and password.   

Be sure to timely enter the correct code when received. You can request another if you don't receive the first one but you are limited to just a few attempts before you are locked out for 24 hours.

By replying "STOP" to any of the text messages, you opt-out of online services access because we can't send you the "security code" you need to log in or register. If you replied "STOP" before, text "IN" to 77958 to opt-in to online services access and receive the security code you need.

IRS Secure Messaging:

IRS Secure Messaging text messages originate from "38685." These text messages inform you of new secure messages available for viewing in your secure messaging inbox. Use the link in the SMS message to log in to your secure inbox to view your secure messages. If you signed up for Secure Messaging, you are opted in to SMS notifications by default.

By replying "STOP" to any of the text messages from "38685," you opt-out of receiving Secure Messaging notifications via SMS. You will still receive email notifications for new secure messages. If you replied "STOP" before, text "IN" to "38685" to opt-in to secure message notifications via SMS.

CAUTION: We never call or send email or text messages asking you to provide information or log in to obtain a transcript or update your profile. Visit report phishing for instructions if you are unsure about the authenticity of any "unsolicited" communication you receive, other than US mail, claiming to be from the IRS.

Suspicious Activity

If you suspect suspicious login activity, please take one of the following actions to change your password and/or username. Please note, tax professionals accessing e-Services can’t change their username.

  • To continue to use IRS Online Services, log into your account and select “Profile” to change your password. 
  • If you no longer need access to IRS Online Services, lock access to your online account by reregistering and selecting the option to lock access.  When reregistering, you will be presented with an option to lock your account after verifying your personal data (SSN, date of birth, filing status, and address).

As a reminder, please use strong, unique passwords for all accounts.  Do not reuse passwords, and do not disclose passwords to anyone for any reason.