VITA Grant FAQs Category: Coalitions


1. When applying on behalf of a coalition, should the application focus only on the lead agency?

No.  Depending on the topics being addressed, the application will require that all members be addressed at least once.  For example, the civil rights and financial operations sections responses are limited to the applicant or lead agency.  The program plan section of the response will include all or most coalition members depending on the criteria being addressed. 

2. As the lead organization, do I need to obtain and submit assurances and certifications for each coalition member with the application?

No.  The coalition members are not required to submit the certification with the application package.  Only the lead organization is required to certify to the “List of Assurances and Certifications” during application submission.  However, if an award is received, the recipient should include the List of Assurances and Certifications in their letter of intent, memorandum of understanding or contract with your coalition members. 

3. Concerning the relationship between large and small, national and local partners, at what level should they apply?

The partner should apply only one time; only one proposal will be given consideration.  Partners should discuss this among themselves and come to an agreement.

4. United Way is the lead for a coalition, but they do not sponsor a site. Can they apply for the grant on behalf of all coalition members?

Yes. The lead organization does not have to coordinate a site; however, they must be in a substantive role.  The lead agency must have a conversation with its members to determine the best way to apply. The proposal must include information about the sites supported by the coalition.

5. If a member of a coalition applies and receives a grant for just their activities even though part of a coalition, is there an expectation that they share the funds with the other members?

As long as the application covered only the activities of the applicant and not the entire coalition, there is no expectation that the funds be shared.  They are awarded based on the proposed plan and budget submitted.  However, we encourage you to discuss this with the coalition before the application is submitted.


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