VITA Grant FAQs Category: Managing the Grant

1. Who will I work with in the Grant Program Office? Will I continue to work with my local territory office as well?

A grant officer is assigned to work with you from the Grant Program Office and they generally provide guidance on the financial aspects of the grant, such as access to funds, budget, and requirements.  Your local territory office will continue to provide day-to-day assistance with the tax return preparation activities of the grant.

2. When the grant has been awarded and the grantee makes changes to their proposed program plan and budget, how should it be handled?

Revisions to the program plan should be summarized listing only the items that changed. Do not rewrite the program plan. The budget changes should be submitted on the budget detail explanation. Make sure the federal column agrees with the actual funds awarded. Subsequent budget changes over 25% of the total award should be submitted to the assigned grant officer for approval.

3. If there is a change to the budget during the grant period, does it require prior approval?

Changes to the budget between object class categories may be made without pre-approval when the change is 25% or less of the total award.  Approval of changes greater than 25% must be requested in advance in writing and approval received before the change may be made.

4. If I realize I will not use all the funds provided in my grant, what should I do?

Provide your grant officer with notification immediately.  Email is preferred.  If the funds have been withdrawn already, actions will need to be taken to return the unused grant funds.  Information on returning grant funds is available on the Division of Payment Management website.


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