VITA Grant FAQs Category: Reporting Requirements


1. What reports are required by my award?

The Publication 5247, VITA Grant Terms and Conditions available on, provides information on the reporting and reports required by the VITA Grant. Additional information is available in the Publication 4883, Grant Programs Resource Guide.

2. We use a memorandum of understanding with our coalition members. Are they considered sub-recipients for purposes of reporting sub-awards?

They are considered sub-recipients if federal funds are disbursed to the coalition member. Reporting is required for sub- recipients under two circumstances:

  1. Sub-award and Executive Compensation Reporting – Generally reporting is limited to the sub-recipients that receive funds totaling $25,000 or more during the project period. See the Publication 4883 for more detailed criteria and for a decision tree to assist in determining applicability. Reporting is at and must be completed by the end of the month following the month during which the award is made.
  2. Cash Sub-awards of $1,000 or More – Reporting is required when a sub-recipient receives cash of one thousand dollars or more. Reporting is to your assigned grant officer via email and is required within 30 days of the sub-award. A template for reporting is available in the VITA Grant Workbook and in the Publication 4883.

3. Can I get an extension if I cannot file my quarterly report by the due date?

No. The IRS cannot grant an extension for reports submitted through the Payment Management System. Under unusual circumstances, grant recipients may request an extension of time to submit other required reports due to the Grant Program Office. The request must be submitted in writing to the GPO at least five business days prior to the due date of the report, and your organization must receive a written response confirming the extension before the due date. Failure to submit reports by the due date may result in ineligibility for subsequent year funding.

4. When is my first quarterly report due?

A recipient must submit the first quarterly report within 30 days of the quarter ending in which the Payment Management System account is established and funded. For example, if you are funded in September, a Federal Cash Transaction report is due no later than October 30 and continuing each quarter thereafter until your grant account is closed. If you are funded in October, November or December, a quarterly report is due January 30, etc.

5. Do I have to file a quarterly report if I have not drawn down any funds and only have expenses?

Yes. The withdrawal of funds is not the “trigger” for determining the need to complete quarterly reports. The “trigger” is when the account is funded.

6. Am I required to furnish the Grant Program Office with a copy of the reports (Federal Cash Transaction Report and Federal Financial Report) I file through the Payment Management System?

No. The Grant Program Office can access the reports in the Payment Management System.

7. What information is required for the final report?

The final report (sometimes referred to as year-end report) must include:

  1. Narrative
  2. Performance Progress Report - Performance Measures, Standard Form PPR-A
  3. Budget
  4. Final Site Listing
  5. Federal Financial Report (filed electronically in PMS)

The final report must be filed by December 30, which is 90 days after the project period ends (September 30). This report should be emailed to your assigned grant officer. All grantees regardless of the grant amount are required to file all reports listed. Instructions are available in the Publication 4883.


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