VITA Grant FAQs Category: What's New?


1. Was there a change in the funds appropriated for the VITA Grant?

No. Congress appropriated $15 million to the VITA grant program, up from $12 million.

2. Have there been some changes to

Yes, On December 31, 2017, officially retired the legacy PDF application package as a method to apply for a federal grant. This will change the way many users complete and submit their grant applications using a new streamlined method titled Workspace.  Make sure your organization plans for these application submission changes.

3. Are there any changes to the documents that are required to be submitted with the application?

Beginning this year, you will need to submit the budget information on Standard Form 424A with application. If awarded a VITA grant, a detailed budget using the Budget tab in the VITA Grant Workbook must be submitted.
Also beginning this year, submission of matching funds is not a requirement at the time of the application. However, if an awarded is granted, you must the submit the required dollar-for-dollar matching funds documentation with the award documents for two years

4. Should my budget submission include two years?

Yes. The budget submitted with the application using Standard Form 424A should cover the full two year grant period.


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