Instructions for Form 8609-A - Notices

Line 11 Worksheet (Keep for Your Records)
1 Enter the qualified basis of the building from line 3 of this tax year's Form 8609-A 1  
2 Multiply the amount on line 1 of the previous year's Form 8609-A by the amount on line 2 of that Form 8609-A 2  
3 Increased qualified basis. Subtract line 2 above from line 1 above. But if line 2 above is more than zero but less than the original qualified basis of the building entered on Form 8609, line 8a (Part II, line 2a on the 1991 revision), then enter the amount from line 7 of this Form 8609-A instead
Note.If line 3 above is zero or less, do not complete the rest of this worksheet. Instead, enter -0- on line 11 of Form
8609-A and go to line 12.
4 Modified percentage. For each month during the tax year, figure the increase, if any, in the low-income portion of the building for that month over the low-income portion of the building at the close of the previous tax year (the amount on line 2 of the previous tax year's Form 8609-A). For example, if the previous tax year's low-income portion of .5000 remained at .5000 for the first 9 months of this tax year and then increased to .7500 for October, November, and December, then subtract .5000 from .7500 to get an increase of .2500 for each month. Add these amounts together, divide by 12, and enter the result. (This amount must be shown as a decimal carried out to at least four places (for example, .2500 + .2500 + .2500 = .7500, divided by 12 = .0625.)) 4  
5 Increased qualified basis entitled to reduced credit. Multiply line 4 above by Form 8609-A, line 1 5  
6 Increased qualified basis not entitled to reduced credit. Subtract line 5 above from line 3 above 6  
7 Line 11 modification. Multiply line 6 above by two-thirds of the amount on line 5 of Form 8609-A. Enter the result here and on line 11 of Form 8609-A 7  

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