Specific Instructions

Completing Schedule D (Form 941)

Your Business Information

Carefully fill in your employer identification number (EIN), name, trade name (doing business as or d/b/a), and complete address at the top of the schedule.

Always be sure the EIN on the Schedule D (Form 941) you file exactly matches the EIN the IRS assigned to your business.

Tax Year of Discrepancies

In the box at the top of the schedule, write the tax year (not the quarter) in which the discrepancies occurred. Write the tax year using four digits. For example, if the transaction occurred on March 22, 2011, write “2011” in the box.

Make sure you fill in the correct tax year so you can reconcile the information appropriately. The tax year must be the same as the calendar year you write in Part 1, line 2.

Be sure to fill in your EIN, business name, other party's EIN, and the tax year of the discrepancies on the top of page 2 as well.

Type of Submission

Check the appropriate box to show whether this form is the “Original” Schedule D (Form 941) for a specific transaction or corrects (mark “Corrected”) a Schedule D (Form 941) you previously submitted.

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