Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2003-39 

September 29, 2003 


Rev. Rul. 2003-104 Rev. Rul. 2003-104

Interest rates; underpayments and overpayments. The rate of interest determined under section 6621 of the Code for the calendar quarter beginning October 1, 2003, will be 4 percent for overpayments (3 percent in the case of a corporation), 4 percent for underpayments, and 6 percent for large corporate underpayments. The rate of interest paid on the portion of a corporate overpayment exceeding $10,000 will be 1.5 percent.

T.D. 9078 T.D. 9078

Final regulations under section 1361 of the Code provide guidance regarding a qualified subchapter S trust election for testamentary trusts and the period for which former qualified subpart E trusts and testamentary trusts may be permitted shareholders of an S corporation. In addition, these regulations provide that the definition of a testamentary trust also includes a trust to which S corporation stock is either transferred under the terms of an electing qualified revocable trust during its election period or deemed to be distributed at the close of the last day of the election period.

Notice 2003-64 Notice 2003-64

Investments through multiple CDEs. The Treasury Department and the Service announce that they will amend regulations section 1.45D-1T(d)(1)(iv) to include investments through two additional qualified community development entities (CDEs) described in section 45D(c) of the Code.

Announcement 2003-56 Announcement 2003-56

This announcement provides information regarding changes to the reporting for certain 2002 forms affected by the decrease in the capital gains tax rates. Partnerships, S corporations, estates, individuals, real estate investment trusts, and mutual funds and other regulated investment companies with a fiscal year beginning in 2002 and ending after May 5, 2003, must reflect the changes required by this announcement in their reporting for the tax year.

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