Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2004-18 

May 3, 2004 


Rev. Rul. 2004-41 Rev. Rul. 2004-41

Limited Liability Company. This ruling discusses the issue of whether the IRS can collect employment taxes owed by a multi-member domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC) from the members.

REG-106681-02 REG-106681-02

Proposed regulations under section 856 of the Code clarify that an entity that is disregarded as separate from its owner, a qualified REIT subsidiary, or a qualified subchapter S subsidiary is treated as an entity separate from its owner if the entity is liable for federal taxes. A public hearing is scheduled for July 22, 2004.

Notice 2004-33 Notice 2004-33

Credit for sales of fuel produced from a nonconventional source, inflation adjustment factor, and reference price. This notice publishes the nonconventional source fuel credit, the inflation adjustment factor, and the reference price under section 29 of the Code for calendar year 2003. This data is used to determine the credit allowable on sales of fuel produced from a nonconventional source.

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