Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2005-3 

January 18, 2005 


Notice 2005-7 Notice 2005-7

This notice addresses the applicability of section 6043A of the Code and requests public comments on issues relating to information reporting for acquisitions under section 6043A by March 1, 2005. The notice provides that taxpayers required to report under regulations sections 1.6043-4T and 1.6045-3T must continue to report pursuant to those regulations.

Rev. Proc. 2005-10 Rev. Proc. 2005-10

Per diem allowances. This procedure provides optional rules for deeming substantiated the amount of certain reimbursed traveling expenses of an employee as well as determining the amount of deductible meal and incidental expenses while traveling away from home. It updates Rev. Proc. 2004-60, 2004-42 I.R.B. 682, to revise the high-low substantiation method to conform to changes in the per diem rates made by the General Services Administration. Rev. Proc. 2004-60 superseded.

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