Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2005-7 

February 14, 2005 


REG-117969-00 REG-117969-00

Proposed regulations amend previously proposed regulations that provided a functional definition of “statutory merger or consolidation” under section 368(a)(1)(A) of the Code. These proposed regulations delete the requirement that transactions must be carried out under domestic law in order to qualify as statutory mergers or consolidations. A public hearing is scheduled for May 19, 2005.

REG-125628-01 REG-125628-01

Proposed regulations amending the income tax regulations under various provisions of the Code to account for statutory mergers and consolidations under section 368(a)(1)(A) (including reorganizations described in section 368(a)(2)(D) and (E)) involving one or more foreign corporations. The regulations are issued concurrently with proposed regulations (REG-117969-00) that would amend the definition of a reorganization under section 368(a)(1)(A) to include certain statutory mergers or consolidations effected pursuant to foreign law. A public hearing is scheduled for May 19, 2005.

Announcement 2005-12 Announcement 2005-12

For purposes of the Archer MSA pilot program, under section 220(j)(2) of the Code, 2004 is not a cut-off year.

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