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Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2007-51 

December 17, 2007 

Announcement 2007-116

Withholding Procedure Under Section 1441 for Certain Distributions to Which Section 302 Applies; Correction


Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Treasury.


Correction to notice of proposed rulemaking.


This document contains corrections to proposed regulations (REG-140206-06, 2007-46 I.R.B. 1006) that were published in the Federal Register on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 (72 FR 58781) regarding a withholding agent’s obligation to withhold and report tax under Chapter 3 of the Internal Revenue Code when there is a distribution in redemption of stock of a corporation that is actively traded on an established financial market.


Kathryn Holman at (202) 622-3840 (not a toll-free number).



The notice of proposed rulemaking (REG-140206-06) that is the subject of this correction is under section 1441 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Need for Correction

As published, this notice of proposed rulemaking (REG-140206-06) contains an error that may prove to be misleading and is in need of clarification.

Correction of Publication

Accordingly, the notice of proposed rulemaking (REG-140206-06) that was the subject of FR. Doc. E7-20504 is corrected as follows:

On page 58781, column 3, in the preamble, under the caption “FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:”, line 2, the language “Kathryn Holman, (202) 622-3440 (not a” is corrected to read “Kathryn Holman, (202) 622-3840 (not a”.

LaNita Van Dyke,
Chief, Publications and
Regulations Branch,
Legal Processing Division,
Associate Chief Counsel
(Procedure and Administration).


(Filed by the Office of the Federal Register on November 7, 2007, 8:45 a.m., and published in the issue of the Federal Register for November 8, 2007, 72 F.R. 63143)

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