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Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2008-35 

September 2, 2008 


Table of Contents

Rev. Proc. 2008-50 Rev. Proc. 2008-50

This procedure updates the comprehensive system of correction programs for sponsors of retirement plans that are intended to satisfy the requirements of sections 401(a), 403(a), 403(b), 408(k), or 408(p) of the Code, but that have not met these requirements for a period of time. This system, the Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System (EPCRS), permits Plan Sponsors to correct these failures and thereby continue to provide their employees with retirement benefits on a tax-favored basis. The components of EPCRS are the Self-Correction Program (SCP), the Voluntary Correction Program (VCP), and the Audit Closing Agreement Program (Audit CAP). Rev. Proc. 2006-27 modified and superseded. Rev. Proc. 2007-49, section 3, modified and superseded.

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