Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2010-3 

January 19, 2010 


Rev. Rul. 2010-2 Rev. Rul. 2010-2

Section 1274A — inflation adjusted numbers for 2010. This ruling provides the dollar amounts, increased by the 2010 inflation adjustment, for section 1274A of the Code. Rev. Rul. 2008-52 supplemented and superseded.

Rev. Rul. 2010-3 Rev. Rul. 2010-3

Section 1256 contracts market to market. This ruling holds that the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE), which is a United Kingdom derivatives market, is a qualified board or exchange within the meaning of section 1256(g)(7)(C) of the Code.

Notice 2010-7 Notice 2010-7

This notice modifies Notice 2008-88, 2008-42 I.R.B. 933, to extend the expiration dates from December 31, 2009 to December 31, 2010 of certain temporary rules allowing state and local government issuers to purchase and hold their own tax-exempt bonds under special reissuance standards for tax-exempt bonds. Notice 2008-88 amended and supplemented Notice 2008-41, 2008-15 I.R.B. 742, regarding reissuance standards for tax-exempt bonds to expand the circumstances and time periods during which the Treasury Department and the Service would treat a tax-exempt bond that is purchased by its state or local governmental issuer as continuing in effect without resulting in a reissuance or retirement of the purchased bond solely for purposes of section 103 and sections 141 through 150 of the Code, as amended. Notices 2008-41 and 2008-88 modified.

Notice 2010-10 Notice 2010-10

This notice provides guidance on the tax-exempt bond provisions for the Midwestern and Hurricane Ike disaster areas under the Heartland Disaster Tax Relief Act of 2008, the Tax Extenders and Alternative Minimum Tax Relief Act of 2008 (the Act) and section 1400N(a) of the Code, as modified by the Act. This notice also provides guidance on reimbursement expenditures made with proceeds of tax-exempt bonds issued for Midwestern and Hurricane Ike disaster areas and tax-exempt “Qualified Gulf Opportunity Zone Bonds” issued under section 1400N(a).

Rev. Proc. 2010-10 Rev. Proc. 2010-10

Maximum vehicle values. This procedure provides the maximum vehicle values for use with the special valuation rules under regulations sections 1.61-21(d) and (e). These values are adjusted for inflation and must be adjusted annually by reference to the Consumer Price Index.

Rev. Proc. 2010-12 Rev. Proc. 2010-12

Section 305. Section 305 treatment of a stock distribution by a publicly traded regulated investment company or real estate investment trust in which the shareholders have an election to receive money or stock, subject to an aggregate limitation on the amount of money to be distributed. Rev. Proc. 2009-15 amplified and superseded.

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