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Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2010-11 

March 15, 2010 


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Announcement 2010-14 Announcement 2010-14

The IRS has revoked its determination that Nat Turner Legal Defense of Garland, TX; The Arab American Cultural and Educational Center Inc., of Youngstown, OH; Debt Counseling and Solutions, Inc., of Metairie, LA; Ezekiel’s House of Central Florida, Inc., of Salem, IN; Howell’s International, Inc., of British West Indies; Moore’s Burial Association of Fayetteville, AR; Mustard Seed Frey Family Foundation of Oakland, CA; River City Regiment of Sacramento, CA; Silver Point Assurance, Ltd., of Knoxville, TN; Skyward Resources of Honolulu, HI; Ward’s Inc., of Fairfax, VA; Community Revitalization Group of Hermosa Beach, CA; Curtilage, Inc., of Salt Lake City, UT; Heritage Institute Inc., of St. George, UT; Residential Revitalization Group of Hermosa Beach, CA; and the United Management Systems Inc., of Columbus, MA, qualify as organizations described in sections 501(c)(3) and 170(c)(2) of the Code.

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