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Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2011-1 

January 3, 2011 

Additional Checklist for Roth IRA Recharacterization Ruling Requests

In order to assist EP Technical in processing a ruling request involving a Roth IRA recharacterization, in addition to the items in Appendix B, please check the following list.

Yes No N/A Page 1. Did you include the name(s) of trustee and/or custodian of the traditional individual retirement account (IRA) (generally, a financial institution)?
Yes No N/A Page 2. Is each IRA identification number present?
Yes No N/A Page 3. If the ruling request involves Roth conversions both of a husband and wife, is the necessary information with respect to each IRA of each party present? Note: as long as husband and wife file a joint federal Form 1040, the Service can issue one ruling covering both parties. Furthermore, if a joint federal income tax return has been filed for the year or years in question, the Service only requires one user fee even if both husband and wife had failed conversions.
Yes No N/A Page 4. If there was one or more attempted conversions, are the applicable dates on which the attempted IRA conversion(s) occurred included?
Yes No N/A Page 5. If the reason that a conversion failed is that the taxpayer or related taxpayers relied upon advice of a tax professional such as a CPA, an attorney, or an enrolled actuary, is the name and occupation of that adviser included?
Yes No N/A Page 6. Is certification that the taxpayer or taxpayers timely filed the relevant federal tax return(s) present?
Yes No N/A Page 7. Is there a short statement of facts with respect to the conversion? For example, if the ruling request involves a conversion attempted in 1998, there should be a statement of the facts that includes a representation of why the due date(s) found in Announcement 99-57 and Announcement 99-104 were not met.
Yes No N/A Page 8. If the taxpayer recharacterized his/her Roth IRA to a traditional IRA prior to submitting a request for § 9100 relief, are the date(s) of the recharacterization(s), name(s) of trustees and/or custodians, and the identification numbers of the traditional IRA(s) present?
Yes No N/A Page 9. Does the request include the type of contribution (i.e., regular or conversion) and amount of the contribution being recharacterized?

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