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Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2012-29 

July 16, 2012 


Table of Contents

REG-113738-12 REG-113738-12

Proposed regulations under section 411(d)(6) of the Code provide guidance under the anti-cutback rules which generally prohibit plan amendments eliminating or reducing accrued benefits, early retirement benefits, retirement-type subsidies, and optional forms of benefit under qualified retirement plans. These proposed regulations would provide an additional limited exception to the anti-cutback rules to permit a plan sponsor that is a debtor in a bankruptcy proceeding to amend its single-employer defined benefit plan to eliminate a single-sum distribution option (or other optional form of benefit providing for accelerated payments) under the plan if certain specified conditions are satisfied. A public hearing is scheduled for August 24, 2012.

REG-153627-08 REG-153627-08

Proposed regulations under sections 6057 and 6081 of the Code relate to the reporting and notice requirements for deferred vested benefits. These proposed regulations would affect administrators of, employers maintaining, participants in, and beneficiaries of, plans that are subject to the reporting and participant notice requirements.

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