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Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2014-43 

October 20, 2014 


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Notice 2014–61Notice 2014–61

This notice updates the appendix to Notice 2013–1, which lists the Indian tribes who have settled tribal trust cases against the United States. Notice 2012–60 originally was published in IRB 2012–41 (October 9, 2012). Notice 2012–60 was superceded by Notice 2013–1 IRB 2013–3, and the appendix to Notice 2013–1 was superceded by Notice 2013–16 (IRB 2013–14), then Notice 2013–36, then Notice 2013–55, then Notice 2014–22, and then Notice 2014–38. However, two additional tribes have settled their cases against the United States since the publication of Notice 2014–38, so we are publishing an updated appendix to Notice 2013–1. This notice would supercede Notice 2014–38. Notice 2013–1 Appendix is modified and superseded.

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