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Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2015-39 

September 28, 2015 


T.D. 9736T.D. 9736

This document contains final regulations that address certain integrated transactions that involve a foreign currency denominated debt instrument and multiple associated hedging transactions. The regulations provide that if a taxpayer has identified multiple hedges as being part of a qualified hedging transaction, and the taxpayer has terminated at least one but less than all of the hedges (including a portion of one or more of the hedges), the taxpayer must treat the remaining hedges as having been sold for fair market value on the date of disposition of the terminated hedge.

Rev. Rul. 2015–17Rev. Rul. 2015–17

Interest rates: underpayment and overpayments. The rates for interest determined under section 6621 of the code for the calendar quarter beginning October 1, 2015, will be 3 percent for overpayments (2 percent in the case of a corporation), 3 percent for the underpayments, and 5 percent for large corporation underpayments. The rate of interest paid on the portion of a corporation overpayment exceeding $10,000 will be 0.5 percent.

Rev. Proc. 2015–45Rev. Proc. 2015–45

This revenue procedure describes conditions under which the Internal Revenue Service will treat a regulated investment company (RIC) that invests in one or more other RICs as satisfying the asset diversification requirements of section 851(b)(3)(B) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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